Church of St John the Evangelist

20110901-014418.jpgAt Saint John’s, we have begun to recapture the spirit of the ancient Church. You know, many in the ancient Church believed that neophytes (the newly baptized) had special powers of prayer. This was the reason that in many parts of the Church, the newly baptized were immediately asked to pray for the one who conferred the sacrament. This speaks to the vitality which new Christians bring to the Church year after year.

Second, we have established catechesis as the norm. Catechesis has recently become seen as optional. We believe it is not optional, but as essential to the life of the Church as sacraments and preaching and prayer. The Church is a teaching body. The Church is a disciple-making body. Thus, catechesis has become part of the rhythm of our life as a parish.

Every Sunday, rain or shine, we offer a full course of catechesis. This includes the content of the Catholic Faith, the process of conversion, and the fellowship and hospitality of the parish church. This is offered for those who have not been baptized, those who are seeking reception and/or confirmation into the Anglican Church, and for those who would simply like to discover the Faith anew.

Lastly, we have embraced liturgical catechesis. Liturgical catechesis believes that the liturgy speaks to the heart and the mind in one beautiful drama, allowing us to be plunged into the mysteries of God. Preaching has focused not so much upon “what to do” but “who God is.” We have come to understand that the most important thing the Church does is worship God. And worship transforms the human person.